Thursday, July 30, 2020

How COVID-19 is changing the plan of Travel

Travel is becoming a "new norm". The "new norm" is no longer as we once knew. 

June 2020

Some airlines are requiring masks; some airlines say they cannot "enforce" mask wearing until there is government intervention. I mean really... who can pull you off the plane if you pull your mask down for a moment? Ok so we've seen people get pulled off from planes a few times over the past few years for different reasons. Even I'VE seen it while flying home from Miami. (some great advice: don't fly drunk folks!)  This "new norm" remains to be seen.

Resorts are doing away with buffets or changing the way they will "handle" such food establishments.

Cruises are at the back of the pack waiting to re-open and re-opening may take a while due to country borders not yet opening.

Even travel advisors are becoming new "health experts" - folks who can guide you to travel SAFELY.

The New Norm is no longer Normal. Everything stopped. Flights stopped. Borders closed. Even bars closed. Schools closed.

Now we are on our way to opening back up again.... On June 15th Jamaica opened, On June 4th Antigua / Barbuda and St Lucia opened. And we wait for other Caribbean islands which will soon be opening. Walt Disney World will begin a phased opening in July. Vegas is opening...

Onward and forward - what can we expect to see?

There will be A LOT of confusion on the way and a lot of different articles on the internet that will offer us a mix of information - from this country being open to that country being closed to that country having certain set of protocols and then that same country having a different set. How do we know what's real?  We feel like a yo-yo in a child's hands and the future is too uncertain. How and when can we travel? How can we plan our own trips? How can we expect anyone else (a travel agent) to?

Well I'm here to tell you that yes there will be information everywhere you go that might leave you saying "hmmm...." to yourself. You'll scratch your head and wonder WTH about a thousand times over. It's Ok. I'm also here to tell you that Travel Agents are "in the know" - it is our job as a travel consultant/advisor/agent to lead you the right way. We EXPECT ever-changing fluid flowing protocols. We EXPECT issues along the way. We EXPECT a lot of political backlash affecting travel. It's the way of the world BUT we also know where to get our information. We "are the first on the line" to get that information. I am part of a network of literally thousands and thousands of other agents. (more than thousands and thousands....but you get the point...)

By the time you read this article, new information will be presented I am sure. That's just how FAST information flows in the travel world. The MOST important thing you can do, is put yourself in touch with me. Hire my services. Sometimes it might cost you a small dime and be worth it and other times it might be totally FREE for you. It all depends on what you need and what you're looking to do. As a Travel Agent I work solely on commission that is paid to me by suppliers. Yet, I work for my customers leading the way through a mire of mess to come out on the "shining" side.

This I can tell you for sure while we wait for the protocols to "stabilize" from country to country, state to state, business to business.... Our borders are locked down. Traveling state to state has its own set of protocols. The US has a level 4 travel ban. And Caribbean countries are starting to open back up in an effort to get the travel industry moving again - to help countries that so depend upon the travel industry to survive. To help the people feed their families. To keep them working.  So it is with an element of risk when and how we choose to travel. Remember that life is a risk. We face it everyday from the moment we get out of bed. Lightning could strike us dead, a car could hit us on our morning walks or ride to work, you get the idea...

So folks... peace be with you and get ready for the wild ride of Travel. We are getting antsy to travel again!