Thursday, October 3, 2019

Club Mobay Review

Hey folks! Today's a nice sunny, but cold day here in Maine. I just got back from 3 FAM trips allowing me to do site inspections on more than 30 properties!! Some in Jamaica and Cancun! Very exciting. Moving on... While in Jamaica, at the Sangster International airport, I had the GREAT opportunity to check out Club Mobay on my departure from the airport. How many ways can someone say GREAT?! Why? Well for a multitude of reasons! Here's the upside: * You are fast-tracked through immigration and customs! * Lots of food, food, food choices! I amazingly had the opportunity to try foods I never saw anywhere else: BBQ Pigs tail for example?! Yeh. Right. They have it! And more..believe me not everything in their case was that exotic. * Lots of Liquor! Want to feel like you're still at the resort? Well you'll feel like you're still on vacation here at Club Mobay! While there I had one Mimosa and the wait staff would come and ask me if I wanted another: yes, keep them coming! Funny thing, when I said that they literally took it as a yes. The wait staff was carefully observing my glass for empty only to replenish it again... interesting. * Service. Again besides the liquor service I told the concierge staff that I am Deaf and that I needed to be absolutely SURE I made my flight ahead of time. NO WORRIES! You're still in Jamaica, Mon! And I did... They check on you randomly without being too forward to make sure you have everything you need. * Other drinks. If you are not a liquor fan you will find an array of other drinks here. Just ask! * The room: The room itself is very tasteful. Not exceedingly large and feels elite. The chairs and tables are comfortable for the most part. * There are private restrooms, it is kids friendly and appears accessibility friendly. Here's the downside: *Charging stations. You will not find those here. When I walked in that was the first thing I asked for. Why? I work in travel so I NEED to have access all the time. They DID re-seat me next to a wall outlet and that was helpful. But there are not many of those here. Based on the above and my experiences I honestly cannot say there's much of a downside. I would use Club mobay myself each time I visited Jamaica. You are treated with Jamaican hospitality and a VIP from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. Be sure to add this to your next Jamaican vacation through your travel agent!