Monday, July 22, 2019


Good morning Everyone!

Welcome to the Estes consultant of Travel blog. I hope you will enjoy all posts in our blog and find some semblance of recognition for you as a traveler. We cater to all travelers!  Through our travels we will write about the world as we bring them to you for education and purpose. Yes, it's kind of like our own little diary of travels but too, it's hopefully to help you make informed decisions as well when it comes to your future travel needs. We don't want to be a cliche to the travel industry. We just want to set ourselves apart as experts in the travel industry somehow!

Our motto "Life is too short ... don't travel alone" is an interesting concept brought about by the needs of travelers. Life IS short... and it's not about traveling alone physically as it is the concept of traveling without knowledge, without confusion from the many travel websites out there, or the many online booking tools you'll find! You might search about New York City excursions and come up with 1000's of returns! That's not a way to start your travel experience let me tell you! Believe it or not I have been where you are before. And I wish not to go back!! So with us you really are not traveling alone. You have our guidance 7/24 should you decide to reach out to us. And hey! If you don't that's ok too and you'll find a wealth of information here and on our brochure page to get you started.

To tell you a little bit about myself I'll first say that I am disabled. I am DEAF. A cochlear implant user but STILL very much Deaf! I know the trials and tribulations of traveling on my own as a Deaf traveler. It's quite interesting to walk into a hotel room and find all of your requests --> IGNORED! Even mobility and other users have the same issues. It's frustrating to get on a plane and find that you cannot understand what the loudspeaker is saying or that there even is a loudspeaker and your watching these flight attendants going through some motions that are archaic to you. They just look like clowns in a circus. Quite meaningless at times. Great way to start a vacation right??? NOT!  So I hope I can relate to some of you and for all others I will say that I grew up in mostly mainstreamed schools and with hearing parents who had no desire to learn sign language. Do I know sign language now? CERTAINLY! I graduated from Gallaudet University in '96 and it is one of the fondest memories I have of my life. Touring D.C. is FAB! And .. it has also changed a lot in 25 years!!

So what certifications do I have that qualify me as a travel expert bringing information to you do you ask? Well first of all I'd like to talk about my niche. Obviously #1 is Travel Certification. I am  verified by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).
                                                                         Do you have Special Needs? Let's find out
Rent a Scooter for your Cruise Today!Travel Agent Proficient Certified through the Travel Institute. I passed that test with a 98! So I think I deserve SOME recognition here. #2: Disability travel. I have a CATA certification. What is that do you ask? Well it stands for Certified Accessibility Travel Advisor (or Agent as we are formerly called). #3: Spectrum Disorder Travel. I have my !CATP = Certified Autism Travel Professional

Interesting, right? And yes, I have MANY MORE certifications than this! I prefer to Specialize in All Inclusive and Cruise travel but I handle many other areas of the Travel Industry needs and requests. The Carribean is a destination I am most familiar with but I am also familiar with the many United States destinations including Hawaii, New York, D.C, Las Vegas, California and Florida. Yes folks -- SPELL DISNEY! I have been to Disney not once but 11 times! So I think I know my way around the World and able to give you great guidance. Planning Disney is not for the faint of heart!! And if you don't have the time to spend MANY hours on the internet hire a Disney Travel Professional (ie. ME for FREE). I also enjoy Paris, France! Who likes FOOD? Me! Me! Me! And perhaps you too?

So let's travel the world together as we explore the many destinations AND perhaps you'll find a little bit of FUN in every written blog here. Enough to keep you coming back for more!

So ta-ta for now my friends - until the next post!